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We offer the following services

It is a known fact that the writer of any document, be it a best-selling novel or a short, classified advertisement, cannot easily see their own errors. And we all make them - some are fairly unimportant, but many can be disastrous. We often don't realise how much impact our written words have. Most people nearly always think their work is 'perfect' and are quite surprised when a proofreader makes dozens of corrections.

Even the most seasoned writers need a fresh pair of eyes to do the checking.

So let us do the checking for you - before you go to print!

How we work

We accept files:

  • by email
  • on flash drives
  • by other electronic means, such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive etc.

Documents need to be supplied as Microsoft Word files.

We work in Word using Track Changes. If you find them difficult to work with, we can supply a finished master file, showing all the changes (so you know how much work has been done), along with a copy file with everything 'accepted' so you can just 'read it' and check it as you go.

Book designs and covers are done in InDesign, standard international desktop publishing software, from which pdfs are produced for printing.


We would be very pleased to talk to you about any project, be it large or small, and give you an estimate. Prices depend on the deadline and complexity of the work, and whether it is purely proofreading of a good quality manuscript, or Photoshop work, or book design and layout. Fees are reasonable (between NZ$60 and $75 per hour) and calculated either by the time required to do a specified number of words, or as a 'project fee' for larger projects such as complete books. We guarantee the strictest confidentiality.

Please don't hesitate to telephone or email - all details are on the Contact Us page. Please view our Terms and Conditions.