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What our clients say …

just a star

Adrienne is that quintessential gem of an editor who makes your best work just so much better. She edited my new Superintendent Le Fanu crime novel, and it was a revelation working on it with her. Every assumption, name, location and all the rest was checked and double-checked (should there be a hyphen in there, Adrienne?). The human style manual let nothing go by, but that wasn’t the end. Adrienne also came up with some crucial points about story and character development that really helped put things fully in line. So she made the book into what it is now. And, as they say on television, but wait, there’s more.

Then came the processing for publication, all the digital and print formatting, navigation of Amazon/KDP and IngramSpark. Adrienne’s work here was even more stellar, because everything loaded immediately and seamlessly. That is some achievement and a complete boon to writers who want just to focus on the creation work.

In short, if you can get Adrienne on board you will see a terrific improvement in the quality of your work that goes public, you will learn an enormous amount, and you will get prompt, helpful and well beyond the normal call of service.

And you can be sure she has edited this piece, too. Thanks so much, Adrienne. Superintendent Chris Le Fanu salutes you.

Brian Stoddart, author of A Greater God, the fourth in the Le Fanu Crime Mysteries set in 1920s Madras, India, and is available via Amazon and all IngramSpark outlets.

wise counsel

Adrienne was professional, patient and provided wise counsel as she navigated my writings into my book and I am very happy with the finished product – something that could not have been done without her.

N Albrecht, author, The Albrechts of Rothenburg ob der Tauber 1493-1806, September 2019.

more than I ever dared dream of

This morning I opened my front door to get the morning paper and there on my verandah were two boxes of books! I’m a bit like a stunned mullet. It’s more than I ever dared dream of, thank you.  Especially for not rapidly retreating when presented with megabytes of confusion.

J Hollis, author, R J H Hollis's World War II, July 2018.

awesome proofer

SL said you were an awesome proofer!!!!

E S, February 2018

you have blown me away with your editing

Just thought l would drop you a line to tell you what a true professional you are. It is an absolute pleasure to have my work corrected by yourself. I rate myself as a music buff, and you have blown me away with your editing of the music sections.

I am really enjoying this.

T M.

done a great job once again

Thanks for the cover design - it looks amazing, thank you!

I've really enjoyed working with you too, it's been great - I know how hard you have worked and how dedicated you are. There was definitely a synergy there between us, which was great.

I love the advanced information sheet! You've done a great job once again! It's stunning. I would buy it!!

Hazel Holmes, author, August 2017.

I admire your persistence

Once again, my thanks to you for what I think is a delightful and inviting cover. Many people have commented. Your photography and online brilliance (inserting, reversing and creating lemons and flowers!) presents a cheerful and colourful outward show to the world ... I'm not forgetting your hard work on punctuation. I admire your persistence ... good luck with future publications - it's always good to hear you are in such demand.

Pamella Laird, author, A Tranquil Place, July 2017.

great work

It looks great. I think you've had fun! Love the nuts and bolts and dangling spider - and the script fonts. You are doing great work - picked up more that I noticed.

Thank you so much for everything. The book is great so you should be proud.

Linley Jones, author children's picture book Sophie in a Pickle, July 2017.

a joy to work with

Thank you for your unfailing attention in meeting my requirements. I have paid your account and in view of your generosity have added a little more to cover those extra hours? days? :-) You have been a joy to work with and I'm really so grateful for your guidance and attention to detail.

P Laird, June 2017.

an amazing job

Hi Adrienne,
Wow, you've done an amazing job on my MS. I only finished the first run through of the document yesterday. Now I'm re-reading it to pick up anything I might have missed on the first run through. I think you made corrections on every single page!

I'm very pleased with the result, and appreciate the points you made which help me tighten up the plot. Thank you very much.

Penelope Haines, author Straight and Level, April 2017.

editing style is meticulous ... makes the arduous work of rewriting ... effortless

Adrienne took my manuscript and turned it into a beautiful book. Not only is the layout and design thoroughly professional, but her sharp eye for detail and ability to get to the essence of the story eliminated everything from typos to problems with the narrative. Her editing style is meticulous and she makes the arduous work of rewriting as effortless as it could be. My third crime novel, Cold Hard Murder, is immensely stronger for the wonderful work Adrienne did on it and I highly recommend her services as both an editor and book designer.

Trish McCormack, author, the Philippa Barnes Mysteries series, 2015, New Zealand.

Cold Hard Murder was longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh awards which was a great thrill. The judges described it as "a polished Agatha Christie-style whodunit with good characters in a striking West Coast setting". Much of the polish was down to you!

Trish McCormack, August 2016.

rely on her ability greatly

I have known Adrienne in a professional capacity for 14 years as editor and proofreader of my eight historical fiction novels, and have complete faith in her eagled-eyed ability to find errors.

She is both efficient and reliable, with outstanding attention to detail, and aims for work to be as accurate as possible. Whether it is punctuation, spelling or grammar or oft-repeated words, Adrienne picks them up every time. She also helps me rewrite sentences in such a way as to reduce word count and be clearer in understanding.

Since I travel a lot and need to connect with her from various locations and at various times, I have found her to be flexible and prompt in replying. Over the years, I have come to rely on her ability greatly. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Vicky Adin, New Zealand historical fiction author, latest book Elinor, November 2022.

flexible with my ever-changing schedule

Adrienne was the editor for my PhD. I would definitely recommend her services. She was a pleasure to work with, especially being flexible with my ever-changing schedule. The editing work was excellent and the examiners of my PhD commented on the quality of narrative. I am sure Adrienne’s editing was a large reason for getting such positive feedback.

Murray Paul Boardman BApplSc, MApplSc (RuralDev) (First Class Honours). School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Melbourne. November 2018.

simply a work of art

The book is certainly not just biographies of various members of one of the oldest Hungarian aristocratic family the Karolyi of Nagykaroly family but also relates them to the history of Hungary and with its rich illustrations it is simply a work of art. It is a book which I shall revisit many times.

Attila Borzsony, Hungarian reader of Memories, Mysteries and Magyars by Sophie Edwards, July 2016.

she's taken my books to international standard

Adrienne has been the vital part of the equation in getting my three animal stories out there into the market. She's a professional with strong ethics and very much in tune with the demands of modern-day publication requirements. A gem in the industry, she's taken my books - Little Truff, Little Truff and the Siamese Cat and Little Truff Saves the Kereru - to international standard. She has also converted these books into ebook format for me and has published How the Blenheim Cavalier Got its Lucky Spot as a children's ebook.

Ann Russell, author, Little Truff series, 2011 - 2014, New Zealand.

a true professional ... I was impressed by her ability to work alongside her client

Adrienne provides a top-level service publishing and packaging books. She is a true professional, with absolute attention to detail. I publicised At the Turning Point, by Margaret Pope, in 2012, a book published by Adrienne and I was impressed by her ability to work alongside her client, listening to her needs and delivering a fabulous outcome. The book went straight onto the NZ Bestseller chart and was very well reviewed.

Lorraine Steele, 0wner at Lighthouse PR New Zealand.

I have appreciated your nice, calm manner

The book looks beautiful and we have much appreciated all your hard work, your professionalism, your skills and your excellent knowledge. You have done a fantastic job. I have appreciated your nice, calm manner - when I was under stress, you stayed calm - which was just what was needed. Thank you very, very much - I can't thank you enough.

Elizabeth Morey, for the NZ Military Historical Society. New book A Strong Sense of Duty: The First World War Letters of Chaplain The Reverend Clive Mortimer Jones 1917-1920, October 2013.

someone good to produce it

Adrienne is meticulous in her work. A superb editor, with good understanding of how to edit a book. Sincere and with great integrity.

My new book is now out for sale $27.00 and it looks lovely. It is all very well to write a book but you have to have someone good to produce it. AM Publishing did that and made a fabulous job of it. Thanks, Adrienne.

Rae McGregor, author of RadarMan, March 2013 and Shrewd Sanctity: the Story of Kathleen Hall Missionary Nurse in China 1896-1970. Jan 2012. Rae is also a manuscript assessor, and a member of the New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors (NZAMA).

I want to acknowledge the late nights you have put into this

An enormous thank you for your assistance with this. I have only skimmed it so far, but your keen eye and insight is already evident. I have just taken the thesis to the bindery today after working through your proof over the weekend. Can I once again say a big thank you for undertaking this work. As I noted previously, you have a very keen eye and I was amazed at all the items you picked up. I hadn't realised I had left so many errors for you! I have added you into my acknowledgements, and you are welcome to use my feedback on your website. I will also ensure I mention you to any friends who also need any proofreading done. My thanks once again, and best wishes ...

Simon O'Connor, Master of Arts in Political Studies, University of Auckland.

worked day and night to help meet a deadline

I have known and worked with Adrienne Morris during the year 2008 when she volunteered to help with the publication of a community local history book entitled ... and then came the bridge. Without her multi-faceted skills in editing, photo enhancing, layout and computer knowledge, this book would not have the professional flair which has made it so popular in the community and further afield.

Adrienne worked day and night to help meet a deadline set by the publishers. Her dedication to attain perfection was outstanding and with her keen eye she picked up many errors overlooked by me and my co-author. I recommend Adrienne in any sphere of publishing she chooses, and wish her well. It is not often one is privileged to work with such a singularly focused person.

Marie Gray, author (Member of the New Zealand Society of Authors).


We are proud to say that we have never had a dissatisfied client, and we work across quite a wide range of areas. Just a few of our clients over the past nine years, in addition to the authors whose books are shown on the Published Books page, have included:

  • Audiovisual Projects Limited: Proofreading reports, equipment schedules, drawings, plans and diagrams.
  • Vicky Adin, author: Five novels and one children's picture book.
  • Marion Day, author: Four children's picture books and two biographies.
  • Mrs Ann Russell, author: Three children's books in the "Little Truff" series, and other children's picture books.
  • Margaret Pope: Non-fiction At The Turning Point - My political life with David Lange (edit, proofread, book design, publishing and promotion).
  • Torbay Historical Society: Local history book ... and then came the bridge (75,000 words - copy edit and proofread)
  • Michael Smyth, barrister: Proofread two books on NZ employment law Employed but not engaged, Employed but under fire
  • Auckland City Council: Major planning documents proofread prior to new Auckland Council being formed
  • Dolphin Theatre: Posters and programmes for all productions
  • Ellerslie Theatrical Society: Programmes for all productions
  • Mrs S Hoare: Thesis - University of Auckland
  • Ms Z Li: Law assignments - University of Auckland
  • Megan Knott: Thesis - Victoria University, Wellington, for MA in Creative Writing.
  • Vi Siriwongrungson: Thesis for PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury
  • Eternal Press, Canada: eBooks, including Angel of Windword, A touch of scarlet, Hard winter, On the way to New Isosceles, Gypsy Crystal and others.
  • New Holland Publishing, New Zealand: Eco-rangers save the planet by Maria Gill; New Zealand forest birds and their world by Geoff Moon.