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About Adrienne Charlton (formerly Morris) BA, DipEDIT

Adrienne is energetic and talented, with considerable experience in a wide range of areas. Born in New Zealand, she has lived and worked in Australia, Spain and England. She graduated from the University of Auckland with a BA in Music, Latin, French and Linguistics. She has also been a highly accomplished classical pianist.

Adrienne Charlton

With her husband, Geoff, she ran a small business in England for some 24 years, producing bespoke china and porcelain, achieving a high reputation for excellent quality and service. Adrienne worked in all areas of the company including designing advertising material, leaflets and websites, so 'checking, checking and checking again' is second nature to her

Sadly, Geoff passed away unexpectedly in 2004, but Adrienne kept the business going successfully until 2006, when she had a recurrence of cancer from ten years earlier. She decided to close the company and return to New Zealand. After having life-saving surgery in Auckland, not realising this was even possible, Adrienne decided to start a new career.

She has always had a love of English and studied Latin to university level, giving her a superb grounding in English grammar. In 2008, she gained a Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing and now works freelance. Adrienne is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and is an approved proofreader for the University of Auckland.

The business has mushroomed and she has been successfully providing independent publishing services of editing, proofreading, and book design and layout, taking manuscripts right through the system to finished printed book. She has typesetting, layout, photographic and photo restoration abilities, all of which give her a range of experience and expertise - far wider than just proofreading - to offer her clients.

She has published about 145 books as of early 2018 (some of which appear on the Published Books page) in addition to the many manuscripts she works on but does not necessarily take to printed book format.

In 2017, Adrienne married John Charlton, and so began an exciting new phase of life.

Particular interests include classical music, history, archaeology, photography, community theatre, animals, food and wine, porcelain and glass, travel and computers.

Adrienne is a self-motivated and dedicated worker, with a love of challenging and interesting work; she has a wide general knowledge and good business skills, a huge amount of patience and great attention to detail. She has real commitment, energy and enthusiasm for all undertakings, along with a good sense of humour, which is vital these days, always putting the client first.