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We offer a full service for those wishing to self-publish, under our own imprint AM Publishing New Zealand if desired.

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Services include:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • typesetting
  • design layout in InDesign
  • photographs - from minor retouching and colour correction to full restoration work
  • cover design
  • providing ISBN numbers and barcodes
  • providing NZ National Library and Nielsen's listings
  • conversion to pdf from InDesign for print
  • assisting with getting a printer with competitive pricing.

Many books can be produced as eBooks as well, just bear in mind you cannot have complex images, tables etc. in an eBook. There is often not much money to be made from eBooks, in general, (usually via Amazon) so do your research well beforehand.

Here are just some of the hard copy books we have published.

Please note: These thumbnails are not all in exact proportion to actual book sizes,
but generally, the first group are smaller or slightly larger than A5.
Large books and A5 landscape are at the end.

Paul Ogilvie-Lee Seeing through a cloud Rae McGregor Patched Words Lloyd Hill Sales Talk Dr Tony
A tranquil Place Merde! What Am I Doing Here? Girl from County Clare by Vicky Adin Gwenna

Those Be Rubies IWW

vicky adin cornish knot Make Pause the Moon
at the turning point, my political life with David Lange, Margaret Pope the rogue computer apples of gold The Disenchanted Soldier by Vicky Adin
poems 4 peace Cold Hard Murder A PIECE OF MY HEART Alchemy of the Soul by Denis Skeet
love at the end of the road cry of morepork reclaim your subconscious mind lasting legacy
beauty by leigh marsden Awhina's People by Vicky Adin step-up, step out, just do it! noel ellesmere sangoma ingo lambrecht
little truff by ann russell cavalier king charles spaniels little truff and the siamese cat little truff saves the kereru Aria by Rowina De Silva
in my mother's wake calabar earth tree this way up, rhett brown
Pearces' Ocean by A J Pearce suzanne paul Nigerian 2007 Elections and the Role of International Support Agencies Nigerian 2007 Elections and the Role of International Support Agencies dudas
NEW ZEALAND dawn evans Kazam! Vicky Adin

"To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people
to publish it, and get sensible people to read it,
are the three great difficulties in being an author."

~ Charles Caleb Colton 1780–1832
cleric, writer and collector

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